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The more, the merrier! Host an event for your friends AND your community. The more people you bring together to dink in pink the faster we can end breast cancer.

Your public event can take place anywhere there’s some space! Turn your street into the world’s longest pickleball arena or book your event at the local community center or pickleball club.

Note: Want to host something smaller and more intimate?  Learn more about hosting a private event by clicking here.  

Planning a public event is as easy as 1…2…3!

If you’re considering hosting a public event, please register your interest. One of our staff will contact you with more information and support with your planning.

Once we’ve helped you figure out all the details, we’ll create a dedicated web page for your public event. Then it’s time to spread the word. Use our wide range of digital host tools (i.e., social share graphics, posters, sample emails, etc.) to let people know about your page and your event!

Once the first ten players have signed up for your event, we’ll send you a Promo and Party Pack full of additional promotional items and fabulous decorations!